Port Moresby Airport Guide to Jacksons International Airport

Port Moresby Airport Bus

In this page you’ll find all the Bus options at Jacksons International Airport (POM).

Jacksons International Airport (POM) also known as Port Moresby Airport, is the main international airport serving Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. It is located about 10 km away from Port Moresby city centre. A bus ride from the airport to the Port Moresby city centre may take between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the traffic and on the bus stops on the way.

Port Moresby has PMV mini buses (Public Motor Vehicles) serving all the city. From POM Airport you will find many shuttles to the main hotels in Port Moresby city centre. Once there, you can usue the PMV mini buses.

Route 4 From Hanuabada, through Town, Koki and Boroko to Gordons Market.

Route 7 From Gerehu, past Waigani, Gordons and Erima to Seven Mile.

Route 9 From Gerehu and Waigani to Four Mile/Boroko, East Boroko and then to Three Mile (this is the bus to get from Boroko to the Botanical Gardens).

Route 10 From Hanuabada to Town, Badilly, Sabama, Manu, Three Mile, Four Mile/Boroko (Jessie Wyatt House; past the hospital and the CWA Hostel), and on to the airport at Seven Mile. Avoid getting on or off in the Kila Kila and Sabama areas, which are relatively unsafe.

Route 11 From Town to Two Mile Hill, Boroko, Waigani (not all stop at the government offices) and Morata.

Route 12 From Gerehu to Waigani, Hohola, Three Mile and Manu.

Route 15 From Tokarara to the government buildings in Waigani, Gordons, Erema, Seven Mile, Six Mile, Five Mile and Four Mile/Boroko to Hohola.

Route 16 From Gordons Market out to Bomana Prison, past the War Cemetery.

Route 17 From Gordons to Four Mile/Boroko, Three Mile, Sabama and Bari.